True Anomaly SpaceTech Startup is Building Fighting Machines to Send into Orbit For US Military

True Anomaly, a startup company based in Colorado, is set to supply the Pentagon with defensive technology that will be sent into orbit. This technology will be used to protect the assets owned by Americans in space. The development comes amid escalating tensions between the United States and China.

True Anomaly to supply defensive technology to the Pentagon

True Anomaly has already raised millions in funding as it readies to strengthen the defensive measures used by the US military. The company has raised $30 million in total funding to date, including a $17 million Series A funding round that Eclipse led.

The CEO of True Anomaly, Even Rogers, has commented on this move saying there was “information asymmetry” between the United States and its adversaries. The information asymmetry raised the possibility of conflict, creating an environment where miscalculations could easily happen.

True Anomaly aims to cover the information gap by traveling to space and gathering information about satellites and their purpose before taking action. This action could support the right investments and enable the country to defend itself if needed.

This development comes when the US has taken measures to boost its defense activity in space. In 2019, the former US President, Donald Trump, signed a bill to create the Space Force. The Biden administration recently recommended that the budget for the Space Force be increased by $4 billion to $30 billion.

Rogers said,

The US and its allies and partners have become increasingly dependent on space as a domain to support national objectives, and we haven’t faced a real threat to our access to or use of space. We have not made the requisite investments in protecting our ability to continue to exploit the [space] domain.

True Anomaly is also planning to launch its spacecraft known as “autonomous orbital pursuit vehicles” or “Jackals.” The spacecraft can be used for training or to gather intelligence against an enemy spacecraft. The company will be manufacturing Jackals in a 35,000-square-foot facility based in Denver.

The growing threat from China and Russia

True Anomaly is coming out of stealth mode when the threat posed by Russia and China to the US defense sector has increased. The US military has lagged in new investments in space because of two decades of counterinsurgency operations and the war on terror. On the other hand, China and Russia have significantly expanded their defense operations in space.

A Defence Intelligence Agency report released last year said that in the coming years, China and Russia were likely to deploy more missiles, lasers, and counter-space weapons that could disrupt or destroy satellites needed by the US military.

The Pentagon views space as a likely future battleground and counter-space weapons pose a significant threat. In 2020, the US military published another report saying that China was progressing with creating missiles and electronic weapons with the potential to target high and low-orbiting satellites.


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