These Two College Students Built a Company That Puts Startups In Front of Investors. Here’s How to Get Involved.

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Innovation in the startup world has never progressed at the rapid pace we are seeing today. Yet with this growth, how do we keep up with the fresh, emerging innovation in the early-stage startup landscape? Enter bulletpitch, a rapidly growing newsletter disrupting business media by providing unmatched discovery and insights into startups shaping the next generation.


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Why has bulletpitch achieved success in the venture and business media landscape? The newsletter is fresh, clean and simple, and distinct in its Gen Z persona. The newsletter sends out a bulleted summary of a new startup every week, giving subscribers the full picture of the company’s potential to disrupt an industry. Every newsletter describes a company in relatable terms with analogies to offer the clearest understanding in the fewest amount of words. The one-minute read is witty and captivating.

It might surprise you to learn that the writers behind this newsletter are two college students, Brett Perlmutter and Sam Segal. They currently attend Middlebury College, a liberal arts school in Vermont with an emphasis on writing and language. According to Perlmutter and Segal, the idea for bulletpitch came from hour-long conversations about early-stage startups in the dining hall. The co-founders found that the best way to learn about early-stage startups was from one another, and that the media failed to capture the stories of early-stage companies or products in beta. Thus, bulletpitch formed to fill a gap in media of concise, digestible early startup coverage.

The two have quickly amassed a sizable subscriber base of venture capitalists, angel investors, founders, business students, and anyone wanting to learn about disruption in the business world. Despite the Gen Z perspective, bulletpitch strategically writes on companies that appeal to every generation. After all, who wouldn’t want to know about the latest dating app or the best new music discovery platform?

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In addition to running bulletpitch, Perlmutter competes on Middlebury’s NCAA swim team. He has experience working in the venture space for both and 25madison. Segal instructs spin classes at Middlebury and sings in an acapella group. His professional experience is in growth equity, at Permira and Level Equity.

Perlmutter and Segal are in constant communication with founders to learn and build relationships. Founders have become drawn to bulletpitch’s subscriber base that may contain future investors, employees, and customers.

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In addition to a rapidly growing newsletter, Perlmutter and Segal have grown their team as well. Perlmutter and Segal brought in Alexis Ballo to head operations, Miya Liu as a digital marketing strategist, and Jesse Perlmutter as head of creative content (which includes those brilliant weekly cartoons.)

Team bulletpitch has quite the eye for growing, high-potential companies. Roughly 25% of the companies they’ve covered have already gone on to raise more money. If you’re looking for coverage for your startup, access to high-growth companies, or simply want to start every Tuesday by learning about a new startup, subscribe to bulletpitch.

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