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PlayStation 5 unveiling possible on this date

The reveal of the new PlayStation 5 is around the corner?

It has been silent for some time around news related to the PlayStation 5. While Sony still knows how to keep his lips tight, the rumor mill continues to bring speculation. Who are we not to share these juicy rumors with you.

The latest rumor about the PlayStation 5 involves the reveal. Because while Sony has planned a market launch for this fall, the console itself has not yet been formally presented.

It may not be long before the Japanese tech company will actually unveil the PlayStation 5. Rumors are also increasingly working towards a PlayStation 5 reveal, including this post.

According to journalist Jeffrey Grubb, Sony plans to have the PlayStation 5 unveiling on June 4. That means we have to be patient for over a month if this rumor is indeed true. The journalist shared the information on the Resetera forum.

The E3 in Los Angeles was initially scheduled to take place in June. That grant is canceled due to the corona virus. So it is not surprising that this month comes up. Moreover, it would be a nice nod to the past. When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 , this also took place in June. They are strong speculations, but it is something to look forward to.

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