Oryen Network DEX Gives Token Even More Utility, Looking Like A Better Buy Than Avalanche Or Polkadot

The cryptocurrency industry is flooded with high-ranking projects that have found success. While some ventures were driven by hype, others provided value and gave solutions to problems. Collectively, these initiatives have demonstrated the potential of blockchain technology for use in commonplace applications.

While many initiatives are still vulnerable to market instability, specific projects are more durable than others. Oryen is the most renowned of these initiatives. The company, which only recently launched its ICO, has seen a 3X return for its early investors and is aiming much higher in the upcoming weeks.

Oryen Network is a developer-focused company that provides benefits and value to Oryen token holders.

Investors do not need to move funds since Oryen uses the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), allowing staking to take place inside the wallet. They have to purchase, sell, hold, and receive incentives every hour of the day. Additionally, compared to other tokens, Oryen offers an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 90%. The community manages the protocol, and instead of going into a treasury fund, gains are given out directly to investors.

This brand-new cryptocurrency presents a cutting-edge strategy for making a passive income that primarily appeals to newbie investors.

Oryen Network DEX Gives Token Even More Utility

With the help of its ground-breaking financial protocol dubbed OAT – Oryen Autostaking Technic – Oryen is a decentralized staking platform that concentrates on offering beneficial utilities to owners of its native token, ORY. The OAT protocol was developed to reimagine how staking works in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) area. To ensure an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of up to 90% on all ORY token holdings, the Oryen Network breaks new ground in simplified staking.

Through collaboration with other notable features, such as its own Treasury, the OAT protocol contributes significantly to Oryen’s ecosystem. The Treasury functions as an extra funding source or liquidity useful when the price of ORY has fallen dramatically. This feature guarantees a floor price for ORY regardless of the state of the market.

The RFV wallet is another feature that works in conjunction with the Treasury. A second wallet called RFV (Risk-Free-Value) holds extra cash to bolster Oreyens’ liquidity pool and promote stability.

In situations of a sudden sell-off, which often tends to deplete liquidity pools, the RFV function is advantageous. This is because liquidity makes purchasing and selling Oryen tokens possible. In the end, RFV guards against liquidations and offers a DeFi reserve to stabilize the Oryen ecosystem.

The Oryen Network team has also released images of the operational DEX exchange that can be seen being built live here, which has the “Oryen Liquidity and Oryen Swap,” enhancing the ORY token’s usability. This brand-new development is completed ahead of schedule. It demonstrates the team’s commitment to providing ever-increasing value over time, making it seem like a better investment than Avalanche or Polkadot.

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