Oryen Network Brings Sustainable Yield To DeFi, A Welcome Addition To Established Protocols Like Aave and Cosmos

The simplified staking method of Oryen Network has made it extremely popular among Aave and Cosmos networks. ORY has been regarded by the Business2community and The DeFi Guys as one of the top DeFi coins to purchase in 2022.

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen is the first DeFi staking platform of its kind to guarantee fixed returns of 90% annually. Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), the protocol’s automatic staking mechanism, maintains this fixed APY. Additionally, because no funds are locked, traders access payments every hour.

The platform announced its initial coin offering (ICO) not so long ago and has since seen tremendous growth in both its community and investor returns. Investors eager to increase their holdings are buzzing about this strong performance amid the volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

The platform’s security method includes regular smart contract audits with Solidproof, in addition to an anti-whale tax approach. The protocol’s Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallet, which stores asset reserves to maintain the value of ORY amid unstable markets, is yet another amazing feature.

Cosmos (ATOM)

The Cosmos ecosystem, which consists of multiple blockchains engineered to expand and collaborate with one another, is powered and secured by the Cosmos (ATOM) coin. The platform makes use of proof of stake. The Cosmos white paper was created in order to build an open-source, scalable network of blockchains that would allow for simple transactions across them. Unfortunately, Cosmos saw a huge decline and hasn’t recovered since. As a result, some ATOM holders have switched to ORY.

Aave (AAVE)

Even in the depths of the bear market, Aave, a leading lending network, keeps nearly $5 billion in TVL. Through its local staking, the AAVE coin earns about 7% APR. Users have the option to deposit assets with Aave and can borrow low-value loans on the assets of others. Borrowers pay the lenders for supplying their assets, while Aave keeps a portion of the fees.


Aave and Cosmos are two of the top DeFi platforms. However, they have sustained significant losses in the most recent bear market, which has resulted in trader investment losses. On the other hand, Oryen is demonstrating why it is the ideal DeFi platform. The protocol has increased by 320% despite volatile markets. Clearly, no investor wants to lose out on Oryen’s 90% APY.

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