Man Uses Apple AirTag to Track Stolen Truck and Then Kill Alleged Theif Says Texas Police

According to San Antonio police, an investigation is ongoing after a man was slain for allegedly stealing a truck.

The police stated that the shooting took place on Wednesday, 29th of March, at a shopping area in the southeast part of San Antonio after the owner of the truck tracked down the thief using an Apple AirTag.

The Downside Of Personal Justice

According to the police, a report of a stolen car came in from a north San Antonio residence about 1 p.m. on the 29th of March.

Authorities claim that a Texas family had a GPS monitoring device attached to their truck before it was stolen from their house. According to San Antonio police officer Nick Soliz, the family was then able to locate the stolen car that had the Apple AirTag concealed inside of it.

After tracking the AirTag, the man and two family members discovered the stolen truck in a shopping center parking lot.

The truck’s owner apparently found it roughly 20 miles away. However, instead of calling the police, he made the decision to handle things himself.

According to the police, the truck owner had shot and killed the alleged thief, who was unaware that he was being tracked by the truck owners.

Soliz said that the family appeared to have made an attempt to confront the individual they spotted in their car. He said he wasn’t sure if there was a disagreement, but it was known that one of the victims of this stolen car gets out, circles, and tries to talk to the suspect in the truck.

The shooter then claimed to have seen the individual in his truck pull a revolver. He answered by shooting his own gun. The truck’s driver, identified by the Bexar County Medical Examiner as Andrew John Herrera, 44, died from his wounds.

Currently, authorities are investigating whether the individual was armed when he was shot. They also cautioned victims of these sorts of crimes not to go after suspects and enact judgments on their own.

Nick Soliz of SAPD stated that citizens should not take matters into their own hands in this manner if their car is stolen, as it could lead to a tragedy such as the loss of life.

Two cars in the parking lot had their windows blown out, and several shell casings were marked with evidence markers at the site. However, the evidence from the concluding investigation will determine whether the shooter will face charges or not.

The Bane Of Technology

The incident above isn’t the first case of people using the Apple Airtag to track unsuspecting citizens.

There was a case of a man tracking his baby mama by hiding an Apple Airtag in her car recently. She later found the device and reported him, leading to his arrest.

There was another case of a woman who tracked down her stolen car late last year. A shootout ensued, leading to the deaths of two men.

However, Apple released a statement early this year to condemn the malicious use of the gadget.

A company representative said that the company helps law enforcement find AirTags used for illegal activities.

According to him, AirTag was created to assist people in finding their own personal possessions, not to monitor people or other people’s stuff. Unwanted tracking has long been a social issue, and when designing AirTag, they paid careful attention to this issue.

He states the Find My Network feature was designed with privacy in mind. The company uses end-to-end encryption, and introduced the first proactive tracking alert system ever to alert people of unwanted tracking.

The representative stated that he hopes this accident establishes a market trend that inspires other companies to include proactive warnings of this nature in their own products.

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