Making Small Business VPN Security a Breeze for as Low as $5 a Month

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Handling IT is often one of the hardest parts of a business owner’s responsibilities. That’s because IT is an area of expertise that is usually about the furthest away from a traditional entrepreneur’s typical skill set. It regularly requires a firm grasp on exactly how all the members in a work team need to communicate and collaborate as well as knowing all the tools they’ll need to do it safely.


Of course, if you aren’t a cybersecurity expert already, that can be a steep learning curve. And the same answers that work for an individual user don’t often work when the intricacies of an entire business network with many employees working remotely. UTunnel is crafted as a turnkey VPN as a Service solution to that always-evolving business network security problem.

When most average consumers want to protect and shield their internet usage, a virtual private network (VPN) is often their first line of defense. Consumer-grade VPN providers offer shared VPN gateways for users to connect to, helping them safeguard their private information like their IP address. But for businesses, the use cases of a VPN are different, requiring a business-centric VPN solution that enables secure business network access.

UTunnel offers a VPN solution that lets businesses easily deploy and manage their own VPN, letting employees securely access your company network. Unlike public VPN servers, no stranger will ever have access, effectively sealing off a business network from infiltration, while allowing only authorized users and their devices to get in and take care of business from virtually any location.

Along with protected access, UTunnel also offers a stripped-down, simplified dashboard so a business owner or manager can effectively police and monitor that network on their own. With an easy configuration process and graphic interface, administrators don’t have to know any of the nuts and bolts of VPNs to get a network up and running, add or subtract users, and keep the users safe.

Users can pick from two options provided by UTunnel to build a VPN server: integrated cloud and Bring-Your-Own-Server, based on their digital competency. The Integrated Cloud option allows deploying a VPN server in a just few clicks with cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Hetzner, UpCloud, Kamatera, etc. The Bring-Your-Own-Server option allows customers who are more technically savvy to bring their own physical or virtual Ubuntu 20.04 device and set up the VPN server on it.

Apart from setting up VPN servers, UTunnel offers a simple Site-to-Site VPN tunneling functionality in its toolbox. Using this feature, businesses can securely connect multiple remote office networks with their main office network as well as multiple cloud VPCs. This allows seamless communication and resource sharing between these connected networks.

UTunnel’s business-centric features like split tunneling, single sign-on(SSO), and 2-factor authentication further add flexibility and strengthen business network security. SSO integration with identity Providers like Google Workspace, Azure AD, Okta, and OneLogin makes signing into UTunnel easy and smooth.

If you are looking for an adaptable VPN solution that integrates seamlessly with your business’s current network setup, UTunnel is an ideal choice. “We have several servers in different locations and UTunnel is an easy, cheap option to connect all (of our) offices,” one user reported on business software review site G2. “You can do the configuration using the web portal.” another user wrote.

As if that wasn’t enough to pique a business owner’s interest, UTunnel has flexible and affordable licensing plans billed monthly and without any minimum purchase requirements. UTunnel allows managers to easily make sure everyone is protected while never carrying extra licenses and overpaying. Pricing starts as low as just $5 per month per user for the basic license which offers basic VPN functionalities. The standard plan is priced at $7.5 per license and offers much better flexibility for business use cases. Business leaders can choose a pricing plan suited just to each company’s needs.

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