IMPT ICO – Less Than 24 Hours to Invest, Targets $20m and 10x IEO This Week

The year’s largest initial coin offering (ICO) is winding down this week, so investors should act fast. The presale for IMPT, an innovative new carbon offset program, will conclude on December 11th, giving interested individuals just a few hours to buy tokens at the low price of $0.023.

IMPT $1 Million in 24 Hours

That IMPT was able to raise $1 million in under 24 hours is just one indicator that investors around the world recognize the importance of acting quickly to maximize their returns on this environmentally friendly cryptocurrency.

More than $18.4 million has been raised so far in IMPT’s successful presale. Below, we’ll delve more into why you should invest in IMPT now, as this week marks the end of the year’s largest ICO.

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IMPT Exchange Listing

CEO Denis Creighton announced on the company’s Discord server that seven additional exchanges are in the works, in addition to the listings already agreed with LBank and Changelly (both centralized exchanges) and Uniswap (a decentralized exchange).

These listings are scheduled to go live on December 14th.

Investors who purchase IMPT at the IPO price have a guaranteed return on their investment. Right now, one IMPT token costs $0.023. With the listing price set at $0.0253, presale buyers can rest assured that they will earn a 10% return on their money.

ٓٓAbout IMPT – Things You Should Know

People worldwide are working hard to mitigate the negative effects of climate change. By making the carbon offset market more efficient, clear, and easy to use, IMPT is helping to improve climate change. Even though carbon offsets are important for stopping climate change, the market for them has only worked well recently. It’s been an ideal environment for dishonesty and blunders.

IMPT is shifting the market to the decentralized ledger. Therefore, the process is decentralized, transparent, and protected from fraud and duplicate counting. One of IMPT’s many intriguing features is the democratization of carbon offsets.

Carbon credits can be bought, sold, or retired on the IMPT platform by corporations and individuals looking to lessen their environmental impact. In exchange for withdrawing them, retirees receive collectible NFTs created by renowned artists. Then, these might be saved as souvenirs or exchanged for cash.

And IMPT has hundreds of retail brand partners throughout the world. If a customer purchases at one of these stores using the IMPT app or the IMPT web widget, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to environmentally responsible initiatives worldwide. These innovative approaches to reducing one’s carbon footprint are made possible through IMPT.


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