How Video Marketing from Creators Is Boosting Sales

When we write about combining sales and marketing efforts for business growth, we tend to stick to our experience and perspective as professionals in the industry.

But how do your customers really make a purchase? That’s where video marketing from creators comes in.

When I reverse-engineer the buying process of people in my surroundings, I notice some key factors that influence their decisions, especially in video content.

In this article, I will cover the marketing tactics that can boost your sales and the big role of creator video marketing that brings these campaigns to a whole different level.

Here goes.

Establishing a Strong Brand Rep

People make purchases once they find a brand that they can trust. Maintaining a healthy brand reputation is crucial for both bringing new clients on board and also for strengthening existing relationships with recurring buyers.

There are two simple ways video marketing can power up your brand: sharing user experience from real people and creating live demonstration videos.

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The Power of End-Users

It is now a well-known fact that user-generated content is a game changer in the industry. Before making a decision to make a purchase, most buyers look through reviews, customer experience, and advice from credible sources.

Video testimonials are easy to put together and spread into the ether. All you need to do is to ask real, satisfied customers to send you video feedback and recommendations for your product. The more genuine these statements are, the better you can rank your videos on social media.

These videos are useful to you because of the message they are sending. They don’t — actually they shouldn’t — be over-the-top professionally produced and staged. If you receive the feedback in writing, you can also use user quotes to create video presentations and captivate the viewers.

Watch one of our student stories below to see how you can package customer stories that are authentic and inspirational.

Live Demos/Product Videos

Sharing success stories in a blog post or a social media post can only reach a certain dimension. For users who are yet to decide if they want to give your brand a chance, it is likely they need a little more convincing.

The power of demonstration videos is the way they allow your future customers to imagine themselves using your product. By making an explainer video or a live stream presentation, you will be able to answer these questions about your product:

  • What does it look like in practice?
  • What functionalities does it have?
  • How long does it take?
  • How useful can it actually be to me?
  • Is it worth the set price?

And, most importantly:

The selling point of almost any product or service is the value it brings to the user. This value is, more often than not, an emotional one. You are not selling the solution to someone’s problem — you are selling the relief they feel when the rock that hurts them is out of their shoe.

Here is a product explainer video for Vervoe, an app that helps the HR department make the right hire.

Here is the video they made with creative partnership — the video that told the story about the same app.

Which one did a better job at making you feel like Vervoe is going to help you with your next recruitment process?

Build Upon Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

Speaking of whom your audience trusts, credible influencers are at the very top of the list. Many of them use creator video content to maintain consistent relationships with their followers, AKA your target group.

Collaboration with the right influencer in quality video production gives you the opportunity for a much higher reach — with good chances for lead gen. Invest in relationships, partnerships, and influencer marketing; these strategies are the ones with a high potential to significantly boost sales.

Pro Tip: Create new alliances with top influencers from your field. Look up what the crème de la crème of content creators exists in the niche you are interested in, find an email from their YouTube channel, and reach out to them with a proposal with an innovative script.

Increase Cross-Channel Audience Engagement

All marketing strategies you use to generate leads and bring them through your sales funnel target only a part of your audience. Your conversions depend on whether the future users are active on a particular social media platform or if they are going to make the specific search for which you have optimized your site.

Once you invest in good-quality video marketing, you can use it across all platforms. Your YouTube channel will benefit from a new story you have to share, which will lead viewers straight to your website. On the other hand, you can spin different versions and clips from the same video and use them on your social media channels.

You can get high-quality video content by either hiring a team of professionals or creating it in-house by using templates available online. Visual marketers have developed video marketing over a long period of time; therefore, video marketing has evolved. Some techniques are proven to work better for a video campaign, so if you can use some shortcuts, why wouldn’t you?

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Round Out Your Marketing Mix

Don’t stop with just video marketing. Make sure you have a well-rounded marketing mix to reach your desired customers. You can learn more content and paid marketing strategies by checking out our free training series.

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