Google Introduces Continuous Scrolling on Desktop

Google, the tech giant, is now offering continuous scrolling in desktop search results. Google first introduced “Continuous Scroll” to mobile search in October 2021, which is now available for desktop search results.

If there’s one frustration with Google search, it’s the frequent scrolling to different pages to view more results. The following search results pages are frequently more helpful than the first, yet Google continues to push us to click on the next page. This is because a huge block of advertisements keeps pushing search results lower and lower on the page. Not anymore.

Google stated that it would bring continuous scrolling to desktops in English in the United States this week so users can easily see more search results.

Most users seeking additional information prefer to view up to four pages of search results, and the update will add many pages of results that are easier to scan and navigateGoogle

The IT behemoth announced that its website would automatically display up to six results pages before requiring users to click a “More results” icon to show the subsequent batches. With its introduction to the desktop, Google search will be more unified across platforms and devices. It will initially be made available for English queries in the US, just like the smartphone version of the service, and will eventually be made available to more people in different locations.

Google aims to make finding relevant information easy with continuous scrolling

Google wants users to get the answers they’re looking for by making the Search experience as simple and consistent as possible. Google also wants Search to be a worldwide product accessible to all internet users, wherever they may be. A flawless search experience also benefits Google’s bottom line, as Google earns money from advertisements that display in search results or on web pages found via search queries.

The update comes when many users complain that the quality of Google search results is decreasing. In return, Google has made several changes, including improving the visual appeal of search results. It also launched a feature in September that displayed Quora and Reddit results under the title “Discussions and forums.”

While many options are designed with mobile users in mind, Google is now working on improving desktop search. The company has been experimenting with widget-styled cards on the home display screen to give users access to data such as shares and weather at a peek.

Don’t Confuse Continuous Scrolling With Infinite Scrolling

Users should not mix up infinite and continuous scrolling. Users can browse past numerous search result pages at once with continuous scrolling, but they must click a button to load additional pages after the limit mentioned above. But with infinite scrolling, viewers can continue finding fresh content as long as there is data to display (via SEO clarity).

While Google does not support infinite scrolling, other social networking sites do, including Instagram and Facebook. Some websites also continuously scroll to maintain visitors’ attention for extended durations by constantly presenting them with fresh content.

Google will continue to display results as long as they are SEO-compliant

Google launched continuous scrolling for mobile Search in October 2021 as a more “intuitive and seamless” way of showing search results. When viewers reach the end of a search result page, continuous scrolling displays the next set of results which would otherwise show on the second page.

The goal is to assist users in finding what they are searching for if the initial search results are insufficient. Additionally, it increases the visibility of some search results that would otherwise be on pages that users do not see. Many of the replies to the tweet questioned the choice and requested Google to add a continuous scrolling option, but it seems doubtful that Google will reconsider. However, it is a welcome change.

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