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Corona: The United States is threatened with a large fine, China is retaliatory

The escalation between China and America is increasing due to the corona virus.

Beijing: The escalation between China and America is increasing due to the corona virus. Beijing has responded to the threat of US President Donald Trump to fix severe damage. He says that American politicians have repeatedly ignored the truth and are now white. State Department spokesman Geng Shuang said America’s only aim is to blame others for its failure to prevent the epidemic. He further said that American leaders today should focus on their problems and make efforts to control the spread of corona.

Significantly, Donald Trump recently said that China’s role in the pandemic is currently under investigation and that we will apply a severe penalty to make up for the loss. Trump had previously targeted China several times. He also says that the virus could have been prevented in Wuhan itself, but China showed no seriousness in it and that is why the whole world is facing this crisis. America’s sharp stance has made many other countries aggressive towards China. Germany, Australia and the UK have launched independent investigations into the epidemic.

Despite the general pressure, China is unwilling to believe that the corona crisis is spreading around the world due to its negligence. On the contrary, he answers America equally. He struck back in the U.S. last month, saying the corona virus may have been spread by the U.S. military, which brought him to Wuhan. However, it is also an attempt to somehow alleviate the sharp tantrums in other countries. Among them, he appeals to work together. State Department spokesman Geng Shuang promoted this agenda and said, “We expect other countries to join China for tasks that are compatible with international cooperation and mutual trust without differentiating between words and actions.”

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