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Corona has knocked again in China, the nature of the virus is more dangerous than before

Beijing: Corona virus for the whole world In China, which has been pushed into the darkness, the infection has spread again. The most worrying thing is that the shape of the corona has changed completely. China removed stringent measures, such as blocking, after the virus slowed down. He had also declared the epicenter of Wuhan, the center of Corona, free of epidemics, but some of the recent cases have sharpened his senses.

The number of fresh corona patients is increasing in China. These patients are the ones who have no corona symptoms, but their report has turned positive. According to the information, previously infected patients without symptoms were found in 989. This shows that Corona has knocked again in China and is in a more dangerous shape this time than before.

Research shows that Corona
is scary At the same time, an investigation by Chinese scientists has revealed a scary investigation of corona. Scientists claim that the corona virus can also spread in the air. According to research, the virus is spread by small droplets called aerosols. The report published in Nature magazine claimed that the corona was not found everywhere in the air, but in certain places in the air. In fact, Chinese scientists took samples from some locations in February and March. These samples were taken from Wuhan’s hospital and the quarantine center where corona-infected patients were kept. Scientists also collected air samples from public places in Wuhan, such as residential buildings, supermarkets, and department stores.

Virus found in the air

After examining the sample, the scientists found that the virus and aerosol levels in the hospital isolation room and patient room were very low, while the coronavirus particles in the hospital bathroom were much higher. The virus was also found in the air where hospital health workers kept their PPIs. It was believed that the virus adhering to clothing would circulate in the air. After this examination, the corona virus was found in the places in the air where there were patients infected with corona. However, this investigation showed that no virus particles were found in the air in large places such as supermarkets and residential buildings. In this context, the senior doctor says Ashish Jaiswal that the coronavirus can spread in the air if there is a current in the air and the place is not properly ventilated.

A similar study comes from Italy, the third largest corona hotspot in the world. Scientists from the University of Bologna, Italy, discovered during research the coronavirus in the particles that spread in the air. Scientists have collected many air samples in urban and industrial areas. Examination of these samples revealed genes such as the corona virus in pollution particles. Later, during the laboratory test, the corona virus in these particles was confirmed by scientists.

WHO declines

Similarly, research published in the New England Journal of Medicine also claimed that the coronavirus can be spread by air. According to scientists, the corona can remain in the air for three hours. So far, the world has assumed that Korona prey on an infected person by spitting, sneezing, or coughing, but the claims that viruses are present in the air have surprised everyone. In this context, Kaushal Kant Mishra, senior physician, said that the spread of the virus is not a myth, our sneezing swims droplets up to 8-10 feet. And the virus can survive in it. So try to keep your houses ventilated at all times. However, the World Health Organization has made it clear that no such case has occurred anywhere in the world.

and remains Corona for two years

At the same time, researchers have also warned of corona. They say that there is a possibility of such chaos for at least two years after the epidemic. This is not surprising, by the way, because infected patients around the world do not believe that the corona will end soon. Given the long struggle with Corona, the Minnesota University of America report also made several recommendations. In which it was said that governments should be ready to deal with very bad situations. Governments and health organizations should develop a strategy to protect health workers.

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