Best CRM for Small Business (2023)

How We Chose Our Small Business CRM Software List

Identify Your Business Needs

When you choose a CRM, make sure you adjust your feature expectations based on the needs of your business.

That way, you won’t overpay for CRM software that offers much more or less than you need.

Many platforms, such as Salesforce, offer consulting-type services to help you decide which package is correct.

Check Out All the Features and Tools

It is important to do extensive and proper research before deciding on your CRM.

Certain consistencies exist across these tools but some CRM platforms offer unique features that might appeal to you.

Compare Features and Quotes

You probably realize where I’m going with this: research is king.

Make sure to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your CRM by comparing its features and costs to other services.

Test the CRM With Your Team

You’ll have the most successful CRM experience if your entire team likes it.

Be sure to allow them to try different CRM services free trials to see if they have any insights, critiques, or things they love about the software to help you seal the deal on a CRM commitment.

Features to Look for in a CRM System

Lead Management

Acquiring leads can be a highly-lucrative sales strategy for growing companies.

Businesses use tactics such as advertising, direct outreach, web queries, emails, networking events, and even social media campaigns to identify potential customers or clients.

When executed correctly, these strategies entice quality leads that eventually become loyal customers.

Look primarily for CRM software that offers lead management tools.

These tools can help you avoid getting overwhelmed with open leads and not following up.

Contact Management

Contact management is part of the main basis for CRM software.

As contact management systems have evolved into an integral part of customer relationship management, organizations can leverage a vast array of data and optimize sales and service levels.

By tracking contacts’ details as well as their interactions with a business, these valuable tools allow companies to make informed decisions that foster growth.

Reporting Dashboards

These dashboards make it easy to understand your small business’s different metrics and sales reports.

Often, they include visual reports.

The best part of a dashboard is that you can organize and categorize your reports to make them easier for you and your team to understand.

Sales Analytics

With the help of CRM sales analytics, small businesses can now identify their most profitable customer base and target them accordingly.

This allows companies to prioritize their advertising, marketing, and sales efforts on those who promise higher returns on investment over time.

By utilizing customer segmentation insights from these analytics platforms, businesses have a clearer sense of where they should aim for maximum rewards.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a tool that can drastically revolutionize your marketing processes.

Your business strategy will become more efficient and impactful with marketing automation tools.

Not only will you be able to segment leads, generate new ones, and nurture relationships with existing customers through automated workflows. It also allows for customer retention activities and account-based marketing techniques.

Sales Data

By accessing comprehensive sales insights, businesses can make smarter decisions on operational alterations, resource distribution, and activity priority setting.

Having organized CRM data at your disposal will help you stay ahead of the game.


Employing a CRM platform with sales forecasting capabilities empowers your sales team to hone their selling strategy and precisely forecast future revenue growth based on existing deals in the pipeline.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is the key to strategic planning, executing, tracking, and assessing marketing initiatives.

Whether a product launch or an event promotion on a small scale, campaign management software can provide businesses with innovative solutions for successfully executing their campaigns.

Now You Decide on a Customer Relationship Management Software

As you can see, you have countless options for choosing CRM software for your small business.

Your chosen solution must offer the features and capabilities necessary for your business to thrive.

This list of effective small-business-oriented CRM gave you a great idea of where you’re heading next in your business growth journey.

Do you have any questions about the best CRM for small businesses? Let us know in the comments below!

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