7 Best Investing Newsletters: Think Like an Investor

Investing newsletters are an old-school resource that our readers who may be a bit longer in the tooth would have had to rely on in those dark days before the internet. 

In my most recent re-reading of ‘One Up on Wall Street’ by Peter Lynch (a must for any retail investor), I noted the much-maligned investor Harry Houndstooth’s reliance on a $250-a-year stock market newsletter. It made me appreciate the sheer level of information we now have at our fingertips. 

However, this is not a vilification of paid newsletters. Far from it. As information has become ubiquitous and free to the retail investor, these paid newsletters have had to stay ahead of the trend in order to be worth the dough!

We’ve listed the best investing newsletters, both free and paid-for, to help you drown out the noise and start to think like an investor. 

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Best Overall Investing Newsletter: Opening Bell

Fun, snappy, valuable: That’s Opening Bell for you!

For those that are tired of getting dozens of notifications every morning that all say the same thing, then Opening Bell is the newsletter for you. Opening Bell alerts you to the stocks that are making the biggest moves before the market opens. Find out which companies are going to make today’s headlines along with some more great investing insights and analysis, all in under 3 minutes a day. Let Opening Ball do the heavy lifting in the morning to bring you the news that matters.

  • When? Every morning
  • How much? Free
  • Where can I sign up? Opening Bell

Best Stock Picking Newsletter: Stock Advisor by The Motley Fool

Beat the market. If you’ve heard of The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor before then I’m sure this phrase is what you associate it with. And rightly so, because it does what it says on the tin. 

Picks from Stock Advisor boast a 359% return on investment since its initiation 17 years ago. Your monthly newsletter will contain stock recommendations and the investment thesis behind them from Tom and David Gardner, the famous investing brothers who started The Motley Fool.

The annual fee is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the potential winners you will add to your portfolio thanks to Stock Advisor. It’s been one of the most popular investing newsletters for years for a reason.

  • When? Every month
  • How Much? $99 a year
  • Where do I sign up? Stock Advisor

Best Crypto Focus: Five Minute Finance

DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, stable coins… digital assets are becoming an increasingly legitimate part of the economy, but in such a fast-moving world, how can you keep on top of it all?

The weekly Five Minute Finance newsletter, written by our friends over at The Tokenist, keeps a macro-perspective on the financial markets, making the most important trends in finance accessible for all.

The goal of this newsletter is simple: Keeping readers informed and in the know.

Best Tech News: The Daily Update by Stratechery

Written by Ben Thompson, one of the greatest technology writers us investors can avail of, The Daily Update is roughly 2,000 words on the day’s biggest stories, which focuses a lot more on the why rather than the what

While some of you out there may balk at the idea of paying for content alone, trust me, after reading Thompson’s writing you will become a better investor. He may not be providing new stock recommendations, but if you are a dedicated reader of The Daily Update, the knowledge and learnings you can take from it into your investing life will make the subscription fee seem like a bargain. 

  • When? Monday-Thursday
  • How much? $12/month or $120/year
  • Where do I sign up? Stratechery

Best Investing Research: Morningstar

I’m bending the rules here a bit for Morningstar as it is quite a bit more than just a newsletter. However, it is an incredibly useful and far-reaching tool for any investor looking to craft their investing strategy.

If you are willing to pay for a subscription for your investing information, there are much worse places to invest in yourself than Morningstar. Whether your interest lies in Stocks, Funds, ETFs, Bonds, or personal financial planning, Morningstar is right up your alley.

It also has a handy two-week free trial so you can test it out and see if it’s for you before committing to a paid subscription.

Best Investing Newsletter for the Commute to Work: Morning Brew

Our first freebie on the list and it’s a good ’un. 

The perfect side dish for any investor’s breakfast plate, The Morning Brew lets you start the day ahead of the curve. It collates the day’s top stories and delivers them to your inbox. While it does have a business focus, its range of topics is a bit more expansive than some of the other newsletters on this list. From geopolitics to real-estate appraisal, the Morning Brew caters to a lot of specialties. It’s a great accompaniment on your morning commute, except for you cyclists. Maybe concentrate on getting to work in one piece, then read it. 

  • When? Every Morning
  • How much? Free
  • Where can I sign up? Morning Brew

Best Newsletter For Market Insights: The Daily Upside

The Daily Upside covers topical stories relating to the financial world. The newsletter gives a fresh take on a variety of industries varying from real estate, to individual stocks, to commodities, as well as the general market conditions and economic outlook.

Brought to you by a former Wall Street team, these quick and easy-to-read stories are packed full of facts, statistics, and commentary from renowned industry professionals which makes this one a great addition for anyone looking to expand their general investing knowledge. 

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