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If you’re starting a business or have been in business for a while and need legal advice, it’s essential to consult a business attorney. However, before you do that, there are some things you should consider. This article will discuss six of the most important factors to consider before meeting with a lawyer.

By preparing yourself ahead of time, you can make the most of your consultation and get the best legal advice for your business!

If you’re running a business, you will need to hire a business lawyer for many reasons.

When it comes time to seek legal counsel for your business, it’s important to make sure you’re contacting the right attorney.

Not all attorneys have the same experience or expertise in business law, so it’s crucial to do your research.

For example, the lawyers at LegalVision are experienced in business law and can help you with a wide range of legal issues your business may face.

Common Questions to Ask:

When considering whether or not to consult a business attorney, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few key questions.

One of the most critical questions is whether or not the issue at hand is even a legal one. A business attorney can help you understand the legal aspects of your business, but they can’t help you with every issue. Here are some legal issues your small business may face.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself before consulting a business attorney include the following:

  • Is this an issue that could potentially result in litigation?
  • What are the potential consequences of this issue if it isn’t resolved?
  • Do I need help drafting or reviewing contracts?
  • Do I need help setting up or reviewing my company’s policies and procedures?
  • Do I need help resolving a dispute with another business?

What Areas of the Law do You Work In?

Before consulting with a business attorney, it is essential to ask what areas of the law they specialize in.

Doing so will help you determine if they can assist with your specific legal matter.

Some attorneys work exclusively in certain areas of law, such as:

  • Corporate law
  • Real estate law
  • Employment law

Others may have a broader range of experience and be able to help with various legal issues.

It is important to ask about the attorney’s experience and what type of cases they typically handle. Asking these questions will help you determine if they are the right fit for your needs.

Your Attorney’s Background

Your business attorney should have extensive experience in business law and be able to provide you with the advice and guidance you need to make informed decisions for your company.

Common Questions to Ask:

When looking for a business attorney, it is vital to ask about their background and experience.

How Long Have You Practiced Law?

One of the first questions to ask a prospective business attorney is how long they have been practicing law. You’ll want to ensure they have the experience and knowledge to handle your legal needs.

What Types of Cases do You Generally Handle?

Before consulting with a business attorney, it is important to ask questions about the type of cases the lawyer handles.

Business attorneys typically have experience in a variety of legal areas, such as:

Finding an attorney with experience in the specific legal issues your business faces is important.

Who is Your Typical Client?

It is important to ask questions about the attorney’s typical clients.

Knowing who their typical clients are will help you determine if the attorney has experience with businesses similar to yours and if they will be able to provide the legal guidance you need.

Types of clients include:

  • Small businesses
  • Startups
  • Large corporations

If your business is a startup or small business, you may want to look for an attorney with experience working with these types of companies.

Have You Worked on Cases Similar to Mine?

The attorney you consult must have worked on similar cases to yours because you want an attorney who understands your specific legal needs and can provide the best advice.

If the attorney you’re contacting hasn’t worked on similar cases, maybe they can refer you to someone who has.

When you consult with a business attorney, they will likely have a legal plan in mind for you.

This plan may include various options, such as:

  • Forming a corporation
  • Limited liability company
  • Partnership

Common Questions to Ask:

Before consulting with a business attorney, it is necessary to understand their legal plans.

What Do You Think The Outcome of this Case Will Be?

It is a good idea to ask how your attorney thinks the case will turn out, as this may affect how they advise you.

What’s Your Game Plan?

This question helps ensure that you and your attorney are on the same page and have the same objectives. By discussing your goals and strategies upfront, you can work together to create a plan that will help you achieve success. 

What You’ll Be Paying & The Retainer

Businesses should expect to pay a retainer fee to the attorney and hourly rates for any work done outside of the retainer. The retainer fee is generally a percentage of the anticipated legal costs.

For example, if the business anticipates $1,000 in legal fees, it might pay a $500 retainer to its attorney. This would allow the attorney to work on the case for up to 10 hours without additional billing.

Common Questions to Ask:

When consulting with a business attorney, it is good to understand how their legal services work.

You will typically be charged hourly and may also require a retainer or prepayment.

things to consider before consulting a business attorney 2

What Is the Retainer?

You will need to pay this fee upfront to cover any future legal services. It may be a one-time fee or charged on an ongoing basis.

What Are the Known Fees?

Understanding how much you will pay for legal services and how your attorney determines rates is essential.

Are There Any Unknown Fees?

In addition to the known fees, you should also ask if there are any other potential costs or hidden fees that may apply. This will help you understand and plan for how much money legal services will cost in total.

In Review

Whether you need help with a legal matter or simply want to consult with an attorney, you need to consider several key factors.

These include your attorney’s background, how they typically handle cases, their typical clients, and how much you will pay for their services. You can find the right business attorney to meet your legal needs by asking these questions and others.

Do you have any questions about what to consider before consulting a business attorney? Let us know in the comments below!

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