2022 Biggest Hacking Year for DeFi So Far With Over $2 Billion Lost. Oryen Network Autostaking Keeps Your Tokens In Your Control

Hackers Outsmart Major Networks

2022 has been a disastrous year for losing billions to hackers – the worst on record, and it isn’t even over yet. Recently there have been some high-profile hacks, with major networks such as Binance Smart Chain suffering a $500 million heist this month. Changpeng Zhao and the development team worked around the clock to limit the damage, but massive losses were still made off with. Similarly, Solana-based Mango Markets was hit for $100 million due to a loophole exploited by a disgruntled hacker who had since blackmailed the network in a bid to get them to pay off bad debt. These instances show that even the biggest exchanges on the market have weaknesses, and more needs to be done to defend customers’ precious assets from clever hackers.

Oryen Network Safe Option

One of the best ways to defend your assets is to keep them out of third-party protocols in the first place. Introducing Oryen Network: a valuable way to generate passive income without trusting your tokens to exchanges liable to hacks. Oryen features the OAT (Oryen Autostaking Technic) mechanic, which takes care of staking for you. Users can buy native token ORY and simply need to hold it in their wallet in order to receive gains, sidestepping the need to rely on additional networks. Rebase rewards are paid hourly, at a daily rate of 0.177% (90% compounded APY). These profits are guaranteed, keeping your assets safe and reliably sending back returns during this tough bear market.


Even the most used DeFi exchanges available have shown that they are not infallible against hacks. Keep your money safe by holding it in your own wallet. ORY is currently in its first presale phase, meaning early adopters are entitled to an additional 15% bonus. As the opening price is just $0.075, now is the perfect time to get involved with this young project. ORY is tipped to make excellent gains as investors concerned over safety and security move to take advantage of its contained system.

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